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Environmentally Friendly Carpet Protectors for Cleaning throughout Birmingham

Did you know that approximately £1 billion worth of carpet is thrown away every year? Safeguard your floor coverings with our environmentally friendly carpet and upholstery protectors. Made using high-quality products, our odourless, non-toxic carpet protectors are simply applied by our trained cleaning technicians. With our services, your carpets and upholstery will stay fresher for longer. Get in touch today for further details about what we do.

How Do Protectors Work?

If your carpets or upholstery have just been cleaned or are brand new, now is the right time to protect them. Suitable for all soft furnishings, protectors are applied via pressure spraying, and on curing, it bonds to the fibres and forms an invisible, moisture-repellent layer of protection.

This will not only enable you to blot-up spills before they are absorbed into the fibres, but also make it vacuuming more efficient, as it is more difficult for soil and dirt to attach to the fabric. Accidents may happen, but if your floor coverings are properly treated, you could save money on costly repairs and replacements in the future.

Stain Removal

Whether you have spilt tea over your carpet or walked mud into your property, our efficient and professional technicians provide fast spot and stain removal services. With an extensive range of spotters prepared, we are well equipped to treat and eliminate even the most stubborn stains. In the last 10 years, we have successfully removed 94% of coffee and tea stains and 82% of red wine stains for our valued customers.

Although it is impossible to guarantee success with every stain, we have developed an enviable track record over the years. Unlike other companies, we don’t focus purely on one stain, providing the right solution for your specific needs. Always going the extra mile to meet your requirements, we even provide our own branded 250ml bottle of spotter to prepare you for future spills more efficiently than most supermarket cleaners.


With more than 20 years’ experience of cleaning carpets and upholstery, our top stain removal tips include:

Stain Removal Tips

  • Do Not Over Wet into Backing Materials

  • Always Test Any Detergent on an Inconspicuous Area of Carpet before Treating A Stain - Use Detergents at Recommended Dilution Ratios

  • Scrape Up or Blot Up Any Excess before Treatment

  • Never Rub or Scrub (Cause of Pile Damage–Fuzzing)

  • Do Not Use Inappropriate Detergents on Carpets or Upholstery I.E. (Washing Up Liquid, Wash Powders, Household Bleach, Disinfectants)

  • Always Work from the Outside of the Stain Inward to Avoid Spreading.

  • Always Apply the Cleaning Fluid to the Absorbent Spotting Material Not Directly onto the Carpet or Fabric

  • Encourage Quick Drying

  • Deal with Stains as Quickly as Possible for Increased Chances of Success

  • Keep the Fabric or Carpet as Dry as Possible.

  • If in Doubt Seek Professional Advice, Stains Can Be Permanently “Set” If Incorrect Procedures Are Used

Protecting Your Carpets and Upholstery

Using first-class carpet and upholstery protectors, our team take care of all your soft furnishings.